About Our Company

Atagem group was established in 1993 in order to carry out all kinds of surface cleaning and preparation and paint applications in shipbuilding and industrial facilities. The company has become one of the leading companies in the field of projects carried out in Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Georgia and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus by carrying out its activities abroad since the 2000s with the experience it acquired in the country. Atagem Grup is acted on occupational health and safety only not in compliance with the national legislation, also within OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System principles.

Atagem Grup also is provided audit and consultancy services to the customers on all matters within its activity area with best training, classification societies and expert and experienced staff certified by the Ministry of National Education.

  • ATAGEM is always awake of that the implementation of corporate management principles faultlessly will be contributed to the development of the activities positively and will be prepared the appropriate background regarding the communication with the customer in parallel with the World applications through these principles which it is taken as a criterion to itself as a whole.
  • One of most important goals of the management is to be a corporate company ensuring sustainability of growth at home and abroad in the global sense by making "Corporate Management Principles" more effective and functional.
  • Pursuant to Corporate Management Principles, ATAGEM showing respect to the social and national values is believed that the maintain of the values by transferring to the next generation and respond to the customer satisfaction are necessary by awaking of the responsibilities coming with the success.
  • A management system which will be reached to Safety and Environmental Excellence and ensured a continuous development is created and applied.
  • It is never made concessions to matters related to Safety and Environmental Protection and ensured to apply punctiliously and primarily.
  • In every stage of our management system, the risk analysis is made and the preventative safety actions against all risks defined are taken.
  • In order to always be prepared against emergencies, the required precautions are taken.
  • All kinds of precautions intended for creation of safety and environmental protection awareness of all personnel are taken and applied.
  • It is ensured to develop managerial skills of office and worksite top management consistently.

    Our Mission

  • Our commercial activities are to perform within the professional and corporate structure within the scope of full compliance with all national and international safety, environmental protection, life-property safety, occupational health and general health rules related to its matter without making any concessions from professional ethics and principles and to give a management and operating system example to be reached to safety and environmental excellence.
  • Our Vision

  • ATAGEM which has been adopted zero accident understanding as a lifestyle philosophy and harmonised this principle with professionalism will be a leader in national market and also a reputable and reliable enterprise in international level.

Our Works

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Our Clients

Some of our valuable customers who have chosen us since 1993.